BEUR stable coin

BEUR stable coin

BEUR is an over-collateralized stable coin pegged to EUR. Its value is backed by all the collateral locked in Bonq troves. BEUR can always be redeemed for 1 EUR worth of collateral (minus the redemption fee).
BEUR can be used to diversify, get exposure to EUR, store value during market volatility, earn BEUR staking rewards as well as payments.
BEUR staking rewards include BNQ tokens, liquidated collateral asset received at a discount and BEUR arbitrage gains generated by the bots.


Get exposure to EUR
Earn rewards


Acces liquidity of your assets 
0% interest rate  
Self repaying options

Stake BEUR

Generate yield 
Get discounted collateral
Earn protocol fees via BNQ rewards

List your tokens

On-chain, non-custodial and decentralized liquidity protocol that uses a collateralized, low volatility payment coin (BEUR). Users can borrow BEUR against their whitelisted crypto assets at ZERO interest rate and own their liquidity.
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