Borrow at 0% recurring cost

Bonq allows users to access liquidity of their assets without selling their positions which could limit the future upside and result in taxable events.

Borrow at 0% recurring cost

Liquidity has become a major challenge for every crypto project. The liquidity mining model provides short term, unsustainable incentives for liquidity providers and creates a perpetual expense on protocols’ balance sheets.

Deposit and Mint

Users deposit their crypto assets as collateral to a smart contract called Trove and mint as much BEUR as needed based on their holdings, at no recurring cost. Loans can be repaid anytime.

Lend BEUR at 0% Interest

The Trove needs to maintain a minimum Trove Collateral Ratio (TCR). If the trove has insufficient collateralized debt positions, there is an instant liquidation mechanism.

Dont get liquidated!

Use Bonq’s bots to keep your trove active

Liquidation bot

Leon may be a heartless killer but someone has to take on the thankless task to liquidate the troves that could not be saved by Owen. He does not take joy in his work, the honour in getting everyone what they’re due is his reward.

Arbitrage bot

Aria abhors unbalances. Her biggest joy is to bring equilibrium back to financial systems. She will tirelessly compare the prices of any tokens in the DEX to make sure they’re all priced right. If you entrust her with some capital, she will use it wisely to earn money for you when she rebalances the markets.

Trove optimisation bot

Owen is a keen observer of markets. Nothing goes by him. His reacts within the blink of an eye to get things back to where they should be. You can entrust your trove to Owen, knowing that he will do whatever it takes to avoid liquidation while still using as much of the available liquidity as he can.

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On-chain, non-custodial and decentralized liquidity protocol that uses a collateralized, low volatility payment coin (BEUR). Users can borrow BEUR against their whitelisted crypto assets at ZERO interest rate and own their liquidity.
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