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Treasuries of crypto projects have grown significantly over the past few years. However, a majority of them are completely non-diversified, holding over 90% of their treasuries in native tokens which are highly volatile, with large drawdown.

Borrow at 0% recurring cost

Liquidity has become a major challenge for every crypto project. The liquidity mining model provides short term, unsustainable incentives for liquidity providers and creates a perpetual expense on protocols’ balance sheets.

Lending protocol

Bonq’s lending protocol provides a capital and cost efficient solution that allows instant access to additional working capital without affecting the balance sheet.

Low volatility coins

Protocols can diversify part of their treasury into low volatility coins, while preserving the value of their crypto assets.

Why use Bonq?

De-risk treasury

Predictable budget during crypto cycles

Low risk leverage opportunities

Cheap cost of funding for future growth

Increase capital efficiency

New yield opportunities

Take your balance sheet further, so your assets are never idle!

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On-chain, non-custodial and decentralized liquidity protocol that uses a collateralized, low volatility payment coin (BEUR). Users can borrow BEUR against their whitelisted crypto assets at ZERO interest rate and own their liquidity.
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